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Motorcycle exhaust pipe

Motorcycle exhaust pipe

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product description:

Small hexagon full carbon fiber body tail / imitation titanium / semi-imitation titanium A B C D

Total length: 370mm

Tube length: 235mm

Tube diameter: 105mm

The inner diameter of the interface is: 51mm

  Product features: High-strength stainless steel forging, beautiful appearance, sound quality is thicker when reaching EU standard. (Quality guarantees high quality products with stable quality.)

The internal muffler mesh has been upgraded to a stainless steel core instead of an iron core on the market. )

Applicable models: Knight, scooter

Uses: Exhaust, modified motorcycles to increase exhaust volume, improve motorcycle performance

Product weight: 1.6kg

Carton size 44 * 15.5 * 11.5cm

  Removable muffler (adjustable sound of the muffler), the size of the inner hole of the connector position is 51mm mm, with an adapter (51MM-38MM)
Generally, the connection is welded during installation. Friends who do not want to weld can also use asbestos to block the gap in the connection place. As long as there is a position to install it can be modified.
Buy and send accessories. Accessories include: 2 springs, 1 retaining ring / rubber strip, 1 Scorpio mark, 1 welding port, 2 hooks (silencer plug has been installed inside the muffler)

A: Full snake skin imitation titanium
B: Imitation titanium snakeskin back cover
C: Snakeskin-like titanium back cover
D: Full titanium imitation

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