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Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cap Vent Pipe

Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cap Vent Pipe

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Product information:

Type: Fuel tank ventilation hose
Material: CNC aluminum + PVC
Pipe length: about 6.8 cm/2.67 inches
Pipe inner diameter: about 5 mm
Outer diameter of pipe: about 8 mm
Inner diameter of fuel cap: about 50 mm
Weight: 30 grams
Scope of application: suitable for most four-stroke bicycle pits


The fuel tank ventilation hose is improved into 6 colors. The hose is made of soft PVC, which is more practical than the old hard pipe on the market.
The soft PVC hose is easier to install on the fuel tank cap.
Your fuel tank needs to vacate air to replace the used fuel.
Since off-road vehicles often come out from the side, or even upside down, when this happens, don’t pour out the fuel and keep it away from dust.

Packing list:

1x ventilation hose

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